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Why hiring a wedding dress is the route to feeling amazing on your big day.

Brides need all the help they can get, to be fair. From the grand wedding arrangements to the smallest, tiniest details - what colour font works best on the wedding invite? #help

But I can safely say that each bride’s most focused efforts are going to be on how she looks, and more particularly, her wedding dress.

With a big trend moving towards wedding dress hire, we know that it's about finding a dress that suits and fits you perfectly. Gone are the days where you spent months going for endless fittings with your dressmaker to make sure your design not only fits your body, but is also materialising (pun intended) into the showstopper you envisioned. These days it’s about finding a (mostly) off the rack number that feels as if it was meant for you. And thankfully so, because dress hire can be a dream if you know how to approach it!

And where do you start? Perhaps when you were younger you dreamt of looking like a princess and the corresponding images no longer fuel you with excitement. Cupcake anyone?

Currently you may want a more streamlined look but what will suit you?

Say hello to ‘body-type’ dress matching. Apples, Pears, Wonder-Woman..there is a set of prescriptions for each. Your body type says something about you visually, so you are encouraged to enhance the ‘good’ bits and hide the ‘bad’. There are all sorts of tables to help destroy your wedding dress dreams. (I myself am an Apple and are nudged to hide my waist in an empire waistline or ballgown - my two personal worst styles!)

So what to do? How are you to look your best when you are only trying to hide your worst?

We are going about it all backwards.

You need to focus on making yourself shine. And this means not only how you look, but also, how you FEEL. Do you feel sexy and confident in that slinky number? Are you able to sit and dance easily in that dress or are you feeling hindered or restrained?

Your style of dress should take its cues from how you feel wearing the dress. Maybe you have killer legs and want to show them off, but maybe you don’t want to highlight them at all. Perhaps you want a revealing back with a demure front, even though you know your cleavage is envious. Feeling, not thinking, your way to beauty is ultimately going to be evident to everyone who sees you. You also need to think about the actual day of your wedding and how you want to feel around those you love. As well as take into account all the activities during your actual ceremony and reception and how you will navigate them with what you are wearing.

The only way to be sure is to try on as many dress styles as you can from the get-go. Once you feel comfortable and excited in a style (taking all the above into account), you know you are on the right track.

We believe that trying on styles and 'feeling' them is the precursor to making a decision about how you want to look. Also, you are able to try on styles that you may not have even considered and find that you like them more! We see this a lot. That's why at One True Pairing we encourage you to make in-studio appointments and come with your #bridesquad to feel your way around what is perceived to be the daunting landscape of bridal gown rentals. But really, it works in your favour.

You should feel excited, empowered and beautiful while looking for your dream dress and even more so while wearing it!

Photograph by Kala Creative Collective

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